Stash Tea

6 01 2017

img_8244My favorite tea happens to be local, founded and headquartered in the Pacific Northwest! Stash Tea began in a Victorian house in Portland, Oregon in 1972 and expanded its headquarters just over the West Hills to Tigard, Oregon. Stash quickly grew to become a top specialty American tea company, selling products online, in a variety of stores, and around the world. Stash teas come in a variety of flavors and forms including loose, bulk, bagged, pods, sachet and iced. The company also sells treats and any kind of teaware imaginable.

Stash Tea derived its name from tales of early travel when merchants traded and transported tea by ship. Ship captains received the finest teas as gifts and stashed them away for safekeeping. Admittedly, my daughter and I do the same with our favorite flavors of Stash Tea!

To see all that Stash Tea offers and learn all about tea, go to!


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