The Dash

29 10 2016


cemeteryWhat does every engraving include on a headstone? The dash. The dash is that small line—or dash—between the dates of a person’s birth and death. The dash appears so insignificant on a grave marker, and although a person’s birth and death are notable, it’s the time in between those first and last days that define the individual. The dash is memorialized at funerals. The dash is our legacy, good or bad.

Regardless of how much time our dashes each represent, we all have one. We’re living our dash right now! Do you like what it represents so far? Do relationships, accomplishments or failures highlight your dash? Do you want to change its story? You still have the opportunity to direct the outcome of your dash however you choose. Yes, you choose. Our everyday choices affect our own dashes.

Most of us share names, birthdays, and some day, the date of our last breath with someone else, but we will never share the same dash. It’s all yours. It’s all you. Live intentionally, paying attention to your dash before others do when a final date defines the end of it.


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