Unpredictable Spring

17 05 2016

IMG_6505As I share about the Pacific Northwest’s timely resources and places, I also simply recognize the gift of experiencing seasons. We’re deep into spring and transitioning from the rainy season to summer’s dry heat. This means that we enjoy hot, sunny days immediately followed by cool, damp ones and vice versa. When marine clouds drift in from the west, we know to protect certain outside items and perhaps, change course. These initial raindrops generate complaints from my outdoorsy children followed by my usual response of, “Free watering for the yard!” I’m still waiting for a positive reception to my statement.

The Willamette Valley, situated between the Cascades and the Coast Range, currently experiences these climate fluctuations every few days, making it challenging to plan outdoor activities. Recently, our forecast of showers became steady rain instead and forced us to switch plans. I bribed my tween and two teens with treats if they ran errands with their dad and me. While we were parked, cozy, and together in our car as rain pelted our sunroof, I looked up and snapped this photo. At that moment, I appreciated the beauty of the droplets and the dark clouds as their backdrop, because without this storm, we’d have scattered for the day. I enjoyed the happy chatter of my family despite the day’s turn of events. I relished this snapshot in time of having them under my wings still, because they’re going to leave the nest soon, one at a time.

Even mundane days deserve the recognition that they’re life’s memory-makers and bonders. I hope we all take mental snapshots of our lives throughout each season and appreciate that sometimes the smallest moments become the biggest.


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