The Quilt

18 04 2016

IMG_6334The quilt came into my life upon marrying my husband. This colorful, multi-fabric square was his college graduation gift, stitched by an unfamiliar group of women. They composed a quilt for each graduate with the sole purpose of blessing young clergy as they set off for a life of adventure within their calling. The quilt was meant to comfort, a reminder that my husband and his fellow pastors and missionaries were covered physically, emotionally, and spiritually. My husband remained single for a decade after graduation, busy with church and missions work. The quilt resided in storage.

After the honeymoon, I integrated my belongings and our wedding gifts into his—now our—household. Our 1950 bungalow lacked adequate storage, so when I moved items around to include the new, I discovered the quilt neatly stored and in perfect condition. I had to free it. Within the week, it found itself sprawled beside a rippling creek in the Cascade foothills for a summer picnic.

Since that initiation day, the quilt regularly accompanies adventures expanding years of marriage and three children. The quilt protects sleeping bags from bumpy tent floors and comforts shivering bodies from chilly air. It spreads across sandy beaches, backyard grass, and rustic picnic tables. It absorbs earth from its bottom and spills from its top, and still launders beautifully. If and when, however, it begins to show wear and tear, we will not retire it. This quilt will be ready to escort future generations.


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2 responses

19 04 2016

Beautiful and nice pattern.

19 04 2016

Thank you!

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