A Pacific Northwest Delicacy

12 02 2015

TIMG_8903he Pacific Northwest grows the best food in the world, whether tended in our backyards or back forties. Our profuse supply and variety of nuts and fruits inspired the production of a beloved local treat called Aplets & Cotlets by Liberty Orchards in Cashmere, Washington.

Founders Mark Balaban and Armen Tertsagian immigrated separately to America from Armenia in the early 1900s and eventually bought an apple farm in Cashmere, naming it Liberty Orchards to honor their new home. Their abundance of apples, apricots, and walnuts led them to recreate a confection from their homeland similar to Turkish Delight. Apparently, a mix of fruits, nuts and gelatin coated in powdered sugar (and sometimes chocolate) enraptures people all over the world—and I’m no exception!

Liberty Orchards makes small batches and packages them by hand, giving each a personal touch and a close inspection. Although locals simply refer to much of the company’s expanding inventory as Aplets & Cotlets (apples and apricots), Liberty Orchards offers Fruit Delights and Fruit Chocolates that incorporate berries and other local fruits, and Hawaiian Delights filled with tropical fruits and nuts. Yes, thank you! Even sugar-free and nut-free candy is available.

IMG_8898The six specialized flavors of Northwest Delights include boysenberry and hazelnut, green apple and almond, cherry and almond, grape and walnut, pear and pecan, and cranberry and walnut. The Fruit Chocolates have strawberry and walnut, apricot and walnut, raspberry and pecan, cherry and pecan, and orange marmalade. Fruit Chocolates make ideal Valentine gifts in place of traditional boxed chocolates!

Shameless hinting aside, various stores throughout the United States sell Liberty Orchards products for your selection. For more information about Liberty Orchards and its products, or to plan a tour, go to http://www.libertyorchards.com. And yes, I product-tested as I wrote!



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