Pudding Dirt Cups

9 06 2014


IMG_5267-2The arrival of summer in the Pacific Northwest kicks off easy and fun snack season for the kids. Mine spend their time to and from water, on and off skateboards, back and forth with friends, and in and out of the house for snacks. Between keeping track of everyone and cleaning their tracks, I need to prepare and clean up snacks quickly. I’m sharing one of their favorites, The Pudding Dirt Cup. My version is the easiest! I’ll also give you a few variations on it.

IMG_5265My Pudding Dirt Cup is the easiest because it requires minimal steps and clean up, and only three ingredients:

  • Chocolate pudding cups
  • Gummy worms candy
  • Packaged crisp chocolate cookies

First, place the cookies in a sealed baggie and crush them into coarse crumbs using whatever resources you have nearby—even your hands. If you have cookies with frosting sandwiched between, it’s fine to leave it in because it gives your “dirt” some white speckles that resemble potting soil. Then, peel off the pudding cup lid and sprinkle your cookie dirt completely over the top of the pudding. Next, stick one to three gummy worms into and across the cookie dirt so they come out of and crawl over the soil. Last, serve excited kiddos!

IMG_5271-2If you want a more authentic container, make the Pudding Dirt Cup in a mini plant pot. If you use clay, due to toxins, I recommend scooping the pudding into a clear glass bowl nearly the same width as the pot and setting the bowl into the clay pot. If the glass is too shallow, then build it up underneath to the height of the rim of the pot. To adjust the amount of pudding needed, either combine multiple pudding cups or make your own.

If you want pebbles or grass on top of your soil, use chocolateIMG_5280 rocks or shredded coconut dyed green with food coloring. Instead of gummy worms, stick a flower into the pudding. If you add a real flower, however, use a nontoxic variety and wrap its stem in clear tape before it touches the food.

My final tip is to think outside the pudding cup container for occasions when those extra touches are worth the extra hassle. I’ve seen a dirt birthday cake in the back of a toy dump truck. It was adorable!

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