Spring Gleaming

6 03 2014

IMG_4022With the emerging buds outside my window and a flip of the calendar comes another change of seasons indoors. I fully enjoy each season in the Pacific Northwest, so when one nears its end, I get antsy for the next. This celebration of seasons displays its evidence most in my home. Before you imagine kitschy dustibles littering my cave, I’ll admit I’m a minimalist on the subject of décor. Or, possibly I might just be a lazy duster–fewer things to lift.

Many years ago, I heard a quote from English designer Jasper Conran that planted a seed in me. Conran said, “A house should change. It should never stay static. If it does, it’s symbolic of your life.” I’m not afraid of change, and in fact, crave it sometimes. I do, however, love stability and predictability. I marry these seemingly opposing desires by changing up my environment with familiar objects. I do buy something new once in awhile, but the familiarity of heirlooms, gifts, and children’s crafts awaking from storage puts a song in my heart and a spring in my step. (Couldn’t resist that last comment!)

Right now, it’s all about spring in my home with light colors, flora, and eggs. I say goodbye to the beloved stark branches outdoors and inwardly cheer on their emerging buds.

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