Winter Trees Card Craft

18 01 2014

IMG_3715-2I assisted my youngest child’s classroom with making a wintry picture of bare trees and snow, and my other two liked the outcome enough to try the craft at home. They designed their own wintry scenes on blank cards and sent them to friends and family as thank you notes for Christmas gifts that year. Each child’s scene was unique with variously colored backgrounds that resembled blizzards, dusk, and sunsets. I am not crafty and do not store many supplies, so any craft I attempt certainly can be tackled by anyone. If I can help over 30 second graders complete this fun and easy craft in an hour, imagine what you can create! Go ahead and think beyond bare trees to unlimited sceneries.

Supplies Needed:

  • Blank note cards or paper in neutral colors
  • Painter’s masking tape (peels off easily)
  • Watercolors
  • Small paintbrush
  • Salt

Step One: Rip strips of tape to the desired sizes of tree trunks and tree branches. The frayed edges mimic rough bark. Adhere tips to the edge of a table or any object that allows them to hang freely while you’re working.

IMG_3694-2Step Two: Arrange tree trunks across the paper. Trees can be few or numerous, evenly spaced or random, depending on your preference and your sizes of paper and trunks.

Step Three: Add branches to the trunks, varying sizes and directions. Criss-crossing branches creates a forest. When you’ve finished placing all trunks and branches, press tape one last time onto paper so edges seal.

Step Four: Choose a background of one or more watercolors, and paint the whole paper, including the tape.

IMG_3699-2Step Five: While the paint is still wet, sprinkle salt over the entire paper. Set the craft aside to dry.

Step Six: Once the paper is dry, gently tap off excess salt and remove the tape. Your craft is complete!

Note: If you want the neutral part beneath the tape a different color, carefully brush or dab on damp watercolor.

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