Making a Pinecone Birdfeeder

31 12 2013

IMG_3585Holiday celebrations are over, yet the children have a few more days before they’re back in school. Chances are they’re getting a bit restless in the house and looking for activities to fill their free time. A pinecone birdfeeder makes a fun craft that entertains them, costs little money, and feeds local birds in a season when food is most scarce. Pinecones litter the ground all over the Pacific Northwest. If you can’t find any in your neighborhood, you’ll certainly find some in a nearby park or nature area. Just be sure it’s okay to take pinecones from someone’s property or public grounds. It doesn’t matter what size or shape of pinecone you use, but forego a fir cone. You need those spaces between the pinecone’s individual scales to fill with peanut butter and birdseed.IMG_8220-2

You need:

  • One or more pinecones
  • Creamy peanut butter spread
  • Birdseed of your choice
  • Twine

To make your birdfeeder, place your pinecone on a paper towel, newspaper, or plate. Spoon some peanut butter into a dish, and then spread it onto each scale with a spreader or with fingers if the kids like to get messy. IMG_3581Pour birdseed onto a plate, then either roll the pinecone into the birdseed or sprinkle birdseed over the pinecone until it sticks to and covers up all the peanut butter. Tie twine at the top of the pinecone and hang it outside where the birds easily and safely can access your birdfeeder. A sheltered spot best protects it from rain, wind, and snow. Everyone’s happy, inside and out!

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