Candy Cane Cardholder

22 12 2013

IMG_8197Most of us have an abundance of candy canes hanging around the house during the Christmas season. I love their history, significance, festive colors, and flavors. This includes all types of candy canes. I’m not picky. I have an easy idea on how to use and display them as cardholders, and still eat them when you’re done with the season or a particular event.


You need:

3 candy canes in wrapper, preferably regular-sized

1 rubber band, twisty tie, ribbon, or chenille stem

Hold the three candy canes upside down and back-to-back so their hooks are at the bottom and facing outward in a circle. Secure them together near the top. Set them on a flat surface and rest greeting cards or name cards across two of the hooks. The third candy cane hook will be in the back for balance. Since they’re not glued together or unwrapped, they remain edible. IMG_8202If they’re used as placecard holders, your guests can consume them at the party or take them home as favors. Stick leftover candy canes into coffee and cocoa for extra flavor. Blend traditional candy cane bits into ice cream for peppermint shakes. Crush candy canes and sprinkle over various desserts. My favorite reason to use candy canes as cardholders is to share them afterward!

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