Margaret Furlong Designs Heirloom Christmas Ornaments

14 12 2013

IMG_8187I’m not much of a collector. When I do keep multiples of anything resembling a collection, significance exceeds all else. This editing of my belongings began once my children arrived. As their belongings increased, mine decreased. I prefer keeping only what I truly need and want. Everything has its place, and I try to live by this concept even if it fails to translate as often as I wish. Excess leads to waste if you lose important possessions amidst mediocrity. I decorate my home seasonally, so I rarely keep items that lack meaningful elements. Christmas items require the most real estate in and out of storage, which means they must be remarkable for a reason or else land on eBay. My collection of Margaret Furlong ornaments falls into the exceptional category. I display a small tree in my bedroom decorated with Margaret Furlong ornaments. White lights reflect off the porcelain images with a warm glow. Beauty aside, I preserve this collection because I love the Oregon Coast and I support local artists.

IMG_8178Oregon-based artist Margaret Furlong has designed home décor since the 1970s. The debut of Furlong’s first porcelain angel ornament in the early ‘80s called “The Trumpeter” propelled her work into the global market. She does not rest on her success, but continues handcrafting new designs yearly, creating simple images of nature for Christmas and every season. Furlong strives to honor God and bless her customers with her talents.

Furlong presses bisque porcelain, an unglazed white ceramic, into casts made from shells to produce exact impressions for her line of collectibles. She derives most of her inspiration from the sea, and many of the models come from the Oregon Coast such as scallop shells and sea urchins. Margaret Furlong Designs sells 1.5-5 inch angels, ornaments, jewelry, pins, love tokens, cake toppers, picture frames, candleholders, vases, place card holders, and wall shelves. For those who love technology, she offers phone and text symbols from hashtags to dollar signs.

IMG_8183 IMG_8184 IMG_8182

If you do not yet own a piece of art from Margaret Furlong, check Made in Oregon stores, eBay, or Margaret Furlong Designs at Margaret Furlong Designs Studio is open Monday-Friday from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. The Studio phone number is (503) 391-2825 and the address is 210 State Street, Salem, Oregon 97301. I’m certain you’ll find something with a hint of significance.

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