My View of Oceanside, Oregon

10 08 2013

IMG_6422 (2)The Pacific Northwest coastline possesses picturesque beaches from the north to the south. Each beach town enchants, building on your discovery of a certain beach that best suits your taste from quaint to tourist-laden, craggy to dunes-covered, expansive to port-concentrated. A favorite of my family’s is Oceanside, Oregon. My mom spent her childhood summers there; my grandmother perched over the beach watching the kids play and painting Oceanside’s distinctive rock formations just off shore. I have one of her original paintings displayed in my home. My dad and stepmother currently own a vacation home in Oceanside, so my own children have grown up spending their summers there. My husband lived in Tillamook, just inland from Oceanside, throughout his middle and high school years, and also has a personal connection to that part of the coast. We enjoy visiting other beaches, but Oceanside feels like home and draws us back before we wander too far. This time, instead of using words to describe my beachy bliss, I’ll let Oceanside’s images do the talking.

View from the Beach House

IMG_0230 (2)  IMG_5485 (2)  IMG_5504 (2)

At Low Tide

IMG_7444 (2)  IMG_8078 (2)  IMG_7441 (2)


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