Spring Magnified

28 04 2013

IMG_4665    IMG_4046 (2) 

Lilac                                                      Quince

I am not a gardener. I do not have a green thumb. I was given an African Violet over a year ago, and my main objective is keeping it alive just to see if I can coax at least one bloom from it someday. Any plant growing on my property has to be fairly self-reliant. Generally, I know how and when to prune and water, and how much sun or shade is needed. But, that’s about it. If something requires more of me, then it has to survive without that requirement. Maybe that’s why I appreciate the seasonal plants in my yard. I really do stop and smell the roses—or lilacs, or daphne, or whatever blossoms.

IMG_4662    IMG_4017   IMG_4693

Grape Hyacinth                  Daphne                              Azalea

I also enjoy observing them closely and noticing details that often get lost in the beauty of their bouquet. Magnification reveals the true shapes of individual petals and variation in color that often is overlooked by the distant eye. It’s like discovering an entirely new flower. Spring blooms are seasonal gifts after bare winters and months of gray skies. The Pacific Northwest finds itself in the midst of this season, with some blooms already faded and others not yet open. I want to share with you a few of the flowers that I currently get to enjoy. You might have these same varieties, and whether you do or not, I encourage you to step outside and have a closer peek at your own seasonal gifts.

IMG_4696   IMG_4060   IMG_4677

Heather                                     Daffodil                 Candy Tuft                                  

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