Serving Up Some Eggs

31 03 2013


These delicate, unique gifts of nature—eggs—are on our minds this time of year. They top our activities lists to dye and to hunt. They garnish our tables as additions to the perfect brunch (my favorite meal!). They present themselves during springtime strolls, broken castoffs lying beneath a tree. And for me, they adorn my house as an essential spring decoration before and after Easter.

IMG_4079 edit   IMG_4275 edit

Pastel, speckled wooden eggs glued to a wreath with dried moss and placed as a centerpiece surrounding a plant or vase of flowers, beckon my family to the table.


These same eggs look sweet nestled in a faux nest with a few spilling onto a shelf, side table or mantel.


Marble eggs draw the eye to any clear glass container.


Real, whole eggshells stacked in a wire basket add simplicity and appear like you just came in from the chicken coop! Gently poke a hole in the end of an egg, drain the yoke and egg white, rinse the inside with soapy water, and dry. They can be left natural or dyed. Handled carefully, these shells will last for years.


Any types of eggs also look inviting from eggcups. These three represent my kiddos and show off their dyeing skills!

IMG_4257 edit

Eggs not only are delectable going down the hatch, but also are enjoyable with a little color enhancement. This natural girl, however, prefers the empty shells unaltered.


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